I’ll take what I can get


It was a travesty to begin with, and the amendments have only made it worse: Same number of uninsuired people! Now with half the deficit reduction! But it has been a dog’s age since we have witnessed our legislators actually legislating, and I have to say I find it refreshing to read accounts of late-night caucuses, whips whipping, White House pilgrimages to Capitol Hill, and of members of Congress agonizing over which way to go on this spectacularly disastrous piece of legislation. At least the blood is flowing, and there is going to be a vote.

It’s a vote that’s going to happen for the worst reasons: a single-party government trying to whip itself into a consensus to ram through a half-baked idea of a law whose animating logic appears to be now you can choose to be unable to afford health care! while the opposition sits on the sidelines. But it sure beats the dreariness of gridlock.

Photo via visitthecapitol/Instagram


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