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Innocent Americans, and just about any Christian (because to the mob, Christian = western = American = evil) abroad now must run for their lives, thanks to some knothead who thinks the way to bring about justice in the world is to jam a red-hot poker into the eye of Muslims:

Anti-Islam filmmaker in hiding after protests

An honest examination of Islam, or any religion, is one thing. Overt provocation is another. Only the killers, and not the film, are responsible for causing the deaths of four Americans so far. But the fact that the filmmaker is currently in hiding is all the evidence you need to conclude that he, more than anyone, understands that free speech has consequences.

UPDATE: The film trailer has been avilable online for several weeks, raising the question: why did this happen Tuesday? Tuesday, as in: Sept. 11. American officials have begun to examine whether the mob attacks were sparked internally, by jihadist elements using the film as a handy trigger. It would change the facts of the argument, but not the conclusion: needless provocation helps enemies whip fanatics into a murderous froth.

. . . and now, The Atlantic reports on how the movie trailer may not be attached to a movie at all. And how the name of the person who took to hiding may not be a real name, and . . . basically, how this piece of You Tube hate could be a ham-handed ruse. The deadly effects, however, are anything but fake, and the mere existence of this lamentable example of free speech has played directly into the hands of those who would like to wipe us out.


Says you:

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