Fair & Balanced, y’all

FireShot Capture 014 - Facebook - https___www.facebook.com_You can say what you want about the ‘librul media,’ but there is nothing in memory to compare with the slobbering lovefest between DJT and Fox News on Monday night in Missouri, in which the president essentially affirmed Fox is state-run television:

FireShot Capture 015 - Fox News hosts join Trump on stage at_ - https___thehill.com_homenews_admin

via The Hill

Update: Later in the day, the shoe dropped:

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The Madness, Exhibit N

The president’s director of the National Economic Council says deficits are shrinking. The president’s Office of Budget and Management says deficits are increasing. This is the madness: claiming two realities at the same time. Truth is whatever we say it is.

Here is the Summary of Receipts, Outlays and Surpluses and Deficits. This table is created by the Office of Management and Budget — in other words, it is produced by the White House itself.